Fire & Brimestone II Review

ok enough of the hoopla… Listened to Fire & Brimestone II, on and no I don’t like it. I mean isn’t that what it was suppose to sound like. If you haven’t heard a Jp One release before yeah you might be surprized that he’s not rapping like Blade… the boy got bars! No he didn’t reuse beats that we all heard a thousand times… the production is tight as fcuk! How could if not be with original tracks from BJ Gates, Flamin Laces, Pig Pen and Black Milk. From “Encore” to “Hope Dreams” Jp One aka Jackpot the Chosen One, continues the journey of setting himself apart from the normal Detroit Sound. With guess appearances from a few of Detroit underground lyricist like “Black Milk, Guilty Simpson, and Elzhi” along with Duhha (Detroit Underground Hip Hop Awards) Lyricist of the Year “Jovie”. Jpone One lets us know he ready to trade bars with the best of ’em…. and no I didn’t like it… I loved it! review_symbol


#rapbusiness101: “Eliminate the middleman and watch your wealth increase.”    Db ology

     Fact: The modern music industry is direct to consumer based. What that means is the Artist and the Consumer deal directly with each other. This makes the Recording companies and A&R’s middlemen.  Digital Distribution sites like Itunes, GooglePlay and Amazon are also middlemen, all they do is give you a link to promote your download. You do all the work (promotion, advertising and Marketing) and they take a cut of the monies made.  Sites like Dat Piff and Livemixtapes are middlemen, you give your hard work away for free and they monetize the traffic, thus stealing some of your potential income.  If you take your music seriously and you are ready to eliminate the middleman, email me directly @ or . I’m also available on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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#rapbusiness101 – Quit trying to sell and learn how to monetize your music…

4x6 flyer designed by DB for flyer design starting off at $45.00
4×6 flyer designed by DB for flyer design starting off at $45.00

Video Of the Day: Nostalgia

Song of the Day: Silas Rage “NWA”


#rapbusiness101 – If you want to stand out from the crowd be yourself! Sounds simple but seems hard to implement.

single cover designed by DB for (313)473-9732
single cover designed by DB for (313)473-9732 or (706)619-8718 Starting @ $35

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mixtape cover designed by DB for (313)473-9732 or (706)619-8718 starting @ $35
mixtape cover designed by DB for (313)473-9732 or (706)619-8718 starting @ $35

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Mixtape Cover Printing

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Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Can you see yourself taking your career in your own hands? But not quite sure how to make it happen… Consider the Dbology “Independent Music Package” Everything you need to be your own record Label. It’s easy, you continue to do the stuff you love like recording your music; while we set up your LLC (limited liability corporation) copyright and publish your songs, securing your ownership so you collect royalties. That alone will take your career to the next level, however we provide a hand full of other services to really get your brand and music off the ground…. if interest leave a reply below or call (313)473-9732 to get started!

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Independent music package, Be your own record label!
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